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Bath Salt
Ocean Wave Bath Salt has tremendous physical and mental health benefits. This product is recommended for an enjoyable bathing session. Known for its nice aroma, this bath salt has relaxing effect on muscles and joints. Bath Salt is made up of organically derived chemicals that assist the user relax and unwind. They contain cleaning and exfoliating characteristics that assist to relieve muscular tension while also eliminating dead skin.

Face Pack

Sandal Face Pack offered by us has been formulated from well chosen herbal ingredients. Persons with dry skin type can blend this pack with milk to attain a fine paste. Users of oily skin type may add orange juice in this face pack to get the best result. Offered Face Pack deep cleans pores, promotes more even skin tone, and restores natural brightness to the skin. It also enhances skin texture and tonicity while reducing pigmentation and blemishes.


Herbal Soap
This range of Herbal Soaps is reckoned for its amazing skin benefits. Made of natural ingredients like clay, honey, glycerin and milk, this range of bathing soaps have scrubbing effect on skin.


Glycerine Soap
This array of Glycerin Soaps is well known for its numerous skin benefits. Its special content keeps skin moist and prevents wrinkles. Besides avoiding dry skin condition, this range of soaps is effective in avoiding various skin complications.

Transparent Glycerin Soaps
Transparent Glycerine Soaps are enhanced with Glycerin's hydrating and nourishing properties. They hydrate and soothe chapped, dry skin. They are also very good at smoothing the skin and reducing puffiness and itching.

Herbal Bath Soap
Herbal Bath Soap is great for all skin types as they have natural antimicrobial characteristics. Suitable for all skin types, these soaps are also cruelty-free, as they are made with organic ingredients.

Herbal Oil And Soaps
The hair roots and scalp are strengthened and nourished with Herbal Oil And Soaps. It boosts hair growth and promotes blood circulation. Fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals abound.

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